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Bellamy Young is confused by Ivanka Trump's White House role

Larry King NowMay 17 '17

'Scandal' star Bellamy Young says that Trump's harsh rhetoric towards women will only "inspire" more female leadership in the future, and discusses whether or not she feels his daughter Ivanka will be a voice for female empowerment in the White House. 

Larry King: There’s been a lot about gender inequality. Have you disproved that?

Bellamy Young: Goodness, I think I am lucky to work in a matriarchy, I think I’m lucky to work somewhere where complex women are celebrated. I think certainly we are trending a little more towards that than we ever have before, and I am proud to be a soldier in that army.

Larry King: Is the current administration going to hamper that rise?

Bellamy Young: I want to say that they’re going to inspire that rise, because we won’t take it for granted anymore. I think I for one, until recently, believed that progress is something that only ever moves forward, I took a lot of things for granted, and it’s made me very active and aware.

Larry King: You supported Hillary, didn’t you?

Bellamy Young: I did, I did. I think she would have been a wonderful president, she spent her whole life trying to help.

Larry King: Can we say you’re disappointed with the current presidency?

Bellamy Young: We can say that, yes, of course.

Larry King: Do you have a twinkle of hope in his daughter? She has a powerful position in the White House.

Bellamy Young: Yeah, surprisingly, if an unelected one. I can’t speak to Ivanka, every day the news I get hurts me because it excludes more and more people’s stories, lives, concerns, and I definitely am a person who believes that politics should work for everyone to include and uplift, so I hope a change comes.

Larry King: Can we say you’re pessimistic?

Bellamy Young: No, you gotta stay optimistic because you gotta think that there’s opportunity, right, and you gotta remember that your voice, your efforts, everything matters. Because if you get pessimistic, then you disengage, and then it all falls apart. Because democracy is just us, you know. We are democracy.

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