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Could we see Bellamy Young in a 'Scandal' spinoff?

Larry King NowMay 17 '17

Scandal' star Bellamy Young reacts to the announcement that the forthcoming seventh season of the hit show will be it's last, and weighs in on a possible spinoff centered on her character Mellie Grant.

Larry King: The show had a kind of what, small spinoff earlier this year-

Bellamy Young: No-

Larry King: On ABC’s digital platform.

Bellamy Young: Oh yeah, yeah. Our wonderful Darby Stanchfield, who plays Abby, actually directed, and it was such an incredible effort, because everyone sort of got to step up. Like one of our writer’s assistants did the writing, and one of our camera assistants did the DP-ing, and Darby did the directing.

Larry King: Well do we think we might see a Mellie spinoff?

Bellamy Young: I’m available Larry. [Laughs] If anyone wants to do that.

Larry King: You know, they might change their mind and continue it for more years.

Bellamy Young: No, we wish nothing more.

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