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Ben Falcone: Directing Melissa McCarthy is "easy"

Larry King NowMay 19 '17

Famed comedy writer and director Ben Falcone discusses working with his hysterical wife Melissa McCarthy, giving Larry the inside scoop on why she's emerged as one of the best in the business.

Larry King: You’ve directed your wife.

Ben Falcone: Yeah.

Larry King: Is that easy? Hard? Weird?

Ben Falcone: Easy. Yeah, it’s really easy.

Larry King: Because?

Ben Falcone: Because she’s really good. And she wants to try it a couple different ways, and I think we’re there for the same reason. I think she’s got a lot of skill—she would never say this—but she’s got a lot of skills, so I think she doesn’t feel all that vulnerable in terms of like, “Oh would you try this,” because sometimes people can be defensive or like, “Why do you want me to try it like that? That way wasn’t good?” I think she knows I already think it’s good.

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