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Faith Evans opens up about The Notorious B.I.G.’s death

Larry King NowMay 22 '17

Faith Evans opens up about the night The Notorious B.I.G. died 20 years ago, and the ensuing “fight for justice” she and Biggie’s mother waged. 

Larry King: He was killed tragically, right, a drive-by shooting?

Faith Evans: Yes.

Larry King: Never solved?

Faith Evans: Unsolved.

Larry King: Do you think it was a purposeful drive-by shooting, or an accidental drive-by shooting? Or no idea?

Faith Evans: We absolutely believe it was purposeful.

Larry King: Do you know of any suspect?

Faith Evans: Well being that we are not the authorities, the legal authorities, his mom and I have been—it’s been years since we actually were in a courtroom—but there was a time when we spent a lot of time, a lot of dollars, just trying to fight for justice and hoping that the authorities would bring someone to responsibility. And after a while, you realize that that’s probably not going to happen. Although we do believe they know what happened, we believe we know what happened, but it’s not up to us as his family to-

Larry King: They can’t prove it?

Faith Evans: I’m pretty sure it can be proven.

Larry King: If they know what happened.

Faith Evans: It can be proven. But [shrugs].

Larry King: Why wouldn’t they?

Faith Evans: That’s the question, that’s the question Larry.

Larry King: Where did the crime occur?

Faith Evans: The crime occurred in Los Angeles.

Larry King: Was he walking down the street?

Faith Evans: He was in a car, in the passenger side, in the front seat.

Larry King: Oh and the next car pulled up next to him?

Faith Evans: Yep. They were stopped at a light and a car pulled up. But you know, a lot of evidence points to it having been very much planned out. But like I said, we are not the legal authorities that have the right to say, “Hey you did it,” and “We think they did it.” We’ve spent time in hoping that would happen.

Larry King: Did he die instantly?

Faith Evans: Well he was taken to the hospital. When I got to the hospital, because I got to the hospital probably within 30 minutes to an hour of him actually getting there, he was already gone. But I was told that they tried to revive him, so I’m assuming that-

Larry King: He was alive.

Faith Evans: He was either alive or trying to fight for his life.

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