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Larry King loves the 'Not Hotdog' app

Larry King NowMay 26 '17

Jimmy O. Yang explains how the famed 'Not Hotdog' app evolved from fictional 'Silicon Valley' plotline to real life entity, and then gives Larry in impromptu 'Not Hotdog' tutorial! 

Larry King: Now what’s the story with the seafood app?

Jimmy O. Yang: Oh my god, this is-

Larry King: You have an app about octopuses, someone thought it was something else and-

Jimmy O. Yang: That’s right, I went in—Jian Yang went in and wanted to pitch an app that’s just eight recipes from his grandma on how to make octopus in the Chinese way. And then Erlich, my investor and my buddy and my costar, T.J. Miller, he pivoted in the room, in the pitch room, it’s like, “This is actually the Shazam for food!” So you take a picture of a cup of coffee, take a picture of-

Larry King: See food.

Jimmy O. Yang: Exactly, s-e-e food. So it’s his idea, but I never wanted to do it. Jian Yang is a bit of an artist when it comes to that. So I kinda just half-assed the app, and made it in a way—well a little spoiler alert—but just made it so that it only does hotdogs. So you take a picture of hotdogs, it’s going to tell you it’s hotdogs, but you take a picture of spaghetti, instead of telling you it’s spaghetti, it’s just going to say not hotdogs.

Larry King: [Chuckles]

Jimmy O. Yang: And the brilliant consultants and the minds and HBO and Mike Judge and all those guys decided to make this a real app. So this app actually came out simultaneously with this past episode.

Larry King: It’s a real app.

Jimmy O. Yang: Yeah, I’ll show you. [Takes out phone] It’s called “Not Hotdog,” and it’s—look [Shows app] And you take a picture, right, you take a picture say of this cup, it’ll tell you it’s not hotdog. But if you bring me a hotdog, it’ll just tell you it’s hotdog. And that’s all the app does, and it’s catching on.

Larry King: Why do people go to it? Just-

Jimmy O. Yang: I think it’s a fun party thing, even I was using it with my buddies, like, “Dude, we gotta go find some hotdogs.” Or we gotta try to break the app to see if we take a picture of somebody, see if it says hotdog.

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