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Trump, Pacino, Woody Allen: Hank Azaria’s many impressions

Larry King NowMay 03 '17

He’s one of the best! Hank Azaria wows Larry with his many voices – including Woody Allen, Donald Trump, two versions of Al Pacino, and Mr. King himself – and reveals the iconic actor who inspired Hank’s voice for Moe the bartender on ‘The Simpsons.’

Larry King: Are some people impossible to do?

Hank Azaria: Well somebody’s out of people’s vocal range, I can’t do kids, I can’t do women.

Larry King: Really?

Hank Azaria: No, whenever—[mimics woman’s voice] “I sound like this, this is me talking as a woman, this is every woman in the world as far as I’m concerned.”

Larry King: Is Trump hard?

Hank Azaria: [mimics Trump’s voice] No, Trump’s not that hard. He’s not great, but I can do—in order to do it properly, you have to do this. [Puts arm on top of head] You’re fired. Larry, you’re fired. This is Trump’s hair.

Larry King: That’s very good, you are really-

Hank Azaria: Oh I’m good.

Larry King: You like Spanish accents?

Hank Azaria: [does accent] I am a Sephardic Jew, Larry, so most of my family had-

Larry King: Are you a Sephardic Jew?

Hank Azaria: I am a Sephardic Jew.

Larry King: You’re not Italian?

Hank Azaria: Not Italian.

Larry King: But your name ends in a vowel.

Hank Azaria: Azaria is—look in your Passover Haggadah Larry next time, you’ll see Rabbi Azaria is actually-

Larry King: No kidding.

Hank Azaria: Yeah it’s an ancient name-

Larry King: You’re one of our tribe.

Hank Azaria: I am a kinsman, yes.

Larry King: So you don’t do women, you don’t do children.

Hank Azaria: No. [Chuckles]

Larry King: What famous-

Hank Azaria: In every sense of that.

Larry King: What famous-[Chuckles] What famous-

Hank Azaria: [does accent] Don’t get me in trouble Larry.

Larry King: What famous celebrity do you do? Give me a couple, like who do you like to do?

Hank Azaria: I’m old enough now that most of my pet imitations are old, like [mimics Woody Allen’s voice] Woody Allen for example, you know, this is not a bad Woody Allen, younger Woody Allen, but you know, kids today, they don’t know who the hell this is, and it’s probably for the best. [Mimics Al Pacino’s voice] You know I did some Al Pacino, this is current Al. [Mimics another Al Pacino voice] I like the ‘Dog Day Afternoon,’ ‘Godfather’ Al. In fact, I was doing a version of this in a play, when I got the audition to do Moe the Bartender, and I did this voice, and they said, “Make it gravelly,” and if you make Al Pacino gravelly, [mimics Moe the Bartender’s voice] you get Moe the Bartender.

Larry King: All right, do me.

Hank Azaria: [Mimics Larry King’s voice] Well Larry, you’re easy to do. You just say a city, and then you greet them. Toledo, Ohio, hello. Very simple.

Larry King: All right, we-

Hank Azaria: Oshkosh, hello.

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