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Lee Daniels on ‘Star,’ ‘Empire,’ & the price of fame

More from Ora: Lee Daniels on ‘Star,’ ‘Empire,’ & the price of fame

Kelly Rowland and Lee Daniels met at SoulCycle

Larry King NowMay 05 '17

Kelly Rowland says she first met Lee Daniels when he shouted to her across a SoulCycle studio, and how that chance encounter led to her arc on ‘Empire.’

Larry King: You had an arc on ‘Empire’ right?

Kelly Rowland: Yes.

Larry King: What was it like to work with my friend Lee Daniels?

Kelly Rowland: I love Lee Daniels. You know, we met in SoulCycle, which is like a spinning class, and he’s on one side of the room and I’m on the other side of the room, and he says, “I know, I know who you are.” And I’m thinking, “What is he talking about?” So we had a meeting the next day, and he had me play Leah.

Larry King: Was the set crazy?

Kelly Rowland: The set was actually super peaceful. Everybody was so nice on this set, and just so easy to work with. But the one thing I remember, he was like, “You can’t wear any makeup.” And I’m looking at him like, “Please put makeup on me.” Because of the character, he wanted me to be extremely scaled back, and I didn’t wear any makeup.

Larry King: Were you happy with doing that?

Kelly Rowland: I loved it, I would do it again.

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