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Kelly Rowland on girl groups and a Destiny's Child reunion

Larry King NowMay 05 '17

Kelly Rowland discusses the relative dearth of girl groups compared to the 90s, when Destiny’s Child got its start, and the potential for a DC3 reunion. 

Larry King: Do you think we go through ages? There was an age time in the ’50s of male groups, The Four Freshmen.

Kelly Rowland: Yeah.

Larry King: Ames Brothers.

Kelly Rowland: It was so many male groups, and then there was a surge in the ’90s of female groups.

Larry King: Yeah.

Kelly Rowland: And then there was a little bit of boy groups but not as much as female, you’re actually right about that. I wonder if it’s a time. I don’t know why it doesn’t happen as much now. I mean, there’s three girl groups that I know of, that’s Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, which I actually put together, and June’s Diary, which I put together on my show that aired on BET.

Larry King: Why’d you name it Destiny’s Child?

Kelly Rowland: Destiny’s Child, actually the name was taken half from the Bible and half from actually Tina, Beyoncé’s mother.

Larry King: Did you grow up together?

Kelly Rowland: We did, we grew up together.

Larry King: Where?

Kelly Rowland: In Houston, in Houston.

Larry King: And you’re still friendly with Beyoncé and Michelle?

Kelly Rowland: Absolutely.

Larry King: You ever get together and sing together?

Kelly Rowland: We don’t sing, but we do eat a lot of food. We’re Southern, Michelle’s Midwest, but she can eat too.

Larry King: Wouldn’t it be great if you got together and did one big night concert, HBO, Destiny’s Child returns? One of them has a child!

Kelly Rowland: [Laughs]

Larry King: One of them’s gonna have a child.

Kelly Rowland: Yes, two children, but yeah. Well we’ll see, everybody’s just in a different space right now, but we’ll see what happens. You’ll be the first to know.

Larry King: Why not?

Kelly Rowland: I’ll let you know first.

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