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Brooklyn Decker on 'Grace and Frankie,' tackling tech, & motherhood

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Kelly Rowland on motherhood, Destiny’s Child, & June’s Diary

Larry King NowMay 05 '17

Kelly Rowland is all candor as she discusses the trials of being a new mom, a potential Destiny’s Child reunion, and her hopes for her young son. Plus, the Grammy winner on the status of June’s Diary, and whether they’ll be featured on her next album.

Larry King interviews Kelly Rowland, a Grammy, Billboard, and Soul Train Award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, TV personality, and author. Her new book is ‘Whoa Baby!: A Guide for New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed and Freaked Out (and Wonder What the #*$& Just Happened). Larry asks her where the book idea came from, and Rowland talks about her physical, emotional, spiritual changes after having her son. She couldn’t find a book about what happened after giving birth, so she collaborated with her doctor to write such a book. Larry asks her about her son, Titan, and if his name puts too much pressure on him. Rowland sees Titan as big and strong, and says that he saved her and gave her strength.

Reading Rowland’s book aloud, Larry asks about chapter titles like “Are My Boobs Always Going to Be Like This?” Rowland explains her post-pregnancy experiences, and believes that all new mothers deal with similar things, regardless of socioeconomic background. Though she admits that her fame affects her schedule as a mother. Larry asks her to explain more chapter titles, and Rowland talks about gaining weight, getting hemorrhoids from pregnancy, and having incontinence. She says she started feeling better around the one-year mark, but enthusiastically affirms when Larry asks if she wants to have more kids. Rowland doesn’t mind undergoing the pain again because now she feels prepared.

Larry asks how she feels about her arc on ‘Empire.’ Rowland praises the show’s co-creator Lee Daniels, and talks about how she wasn’t allowed to wear makeup for her character, but that she would do it again. Pivoting from television to music, Larry asks Rowland about current successful girl groups, and Rowland names Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, and June’s Diary, the latter two which she helped put together. Larry asks about the roots of her old successful girl group, Destiny’s Child, and Rowland talks about growing up with Beyoncé and how she’s still in touch with her groupmates Beyoncé and Michelle Williams. Larry asks about the possibility of a musical reunion, and Rowland promises that he’ll be the first to know about it. Talking about female empowerment, Larry asks how Rowland feels about women gathering against Trump. Rowland believes it’s necessary and that women should stay moving forward. Though she is fearful of raising her son under Trump, she has found hope from talking to people in positions to change the world.

Larry asks Rowland what her world is like as a parent. Rowland’s voice becomes emotional as she talks about her goal of raising a great man, who becomes the best at whatever passion he pursues. Larry asks about her own passions and professional work, and Rowland talks about her book, upcoming record, and judging on ‘The Voice’ in Australia. Larry asks for her thoughts on the current state of the music industry. Rowland misses the CD era, but says that artists have to adjust to the new world of streaming, and talks about creative artists she’s met.