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Kelly Rowland teaches Larry King about breastfeeding

Larry King NowMay 05 '17

While discussing her new book, ‘Whoa, baby: A guide for new moms who feel overwhelmed and freaked out,’ Kelly Rowland explains a few post-pregnancy symptoms – including constipation and incontinence – to a bemused Larry King.

Larry King: Let’s get into some of the chapters with extraordinary titles.

Kelly Rowland: Yes.

Larry King: One of the chapters is called “Are My Boobs Always Going to Be Like This?” Be like what?

Kelly Rowland: [Laughs] Be like huge disks that are just not going to go down. I remember after I had him, like they were just swollen, and then of course when I stopped breastfeeding, it just kind of went down, and then they stayed down. So that was a little tough.

Larry King: I’ve been doing this 60 years.

Kelly Rowland: Yes.

Larry King: Here’s a question I’ve never asked.

Kelly Rowland: What?

Larry King: What does breastfeeding feel like?

Kelly Rowland: It feels like—[Chuckles] Sorry.

Larry King: It’s not like making love.

Kelly Rowland: It’s not quite like making love, but if you took your finger and maybe sucked on it, you might get an idea. But no, that’s something different. Especially when you’re feeding your baby, like in a sensual moment that could be so amazing, but in this you’re like, “Aw it’s so great, I’m feeding my baby.”

Larry King: Quickly explain some of these title happenings.

Kelly Rowland: Yes.

Larry King: “Has Anyone Ever Been This Heavy?” How heavy were you?

Kelly Rowland: I put on just about 50 pounds.

Larry King: “Will I Ever Be Able to Go Number 2 Again?” You were constipated?

Kelly Rowland: Absolutely.

Larry King: After birth?

Kelly Rowland: Absolutely. It’s all these different things that happen to your body. I was told that was going to happen, but that was just insane.

Larry King: “What Are These Bumps on My Butt?”

Kelly Rowland: [Laughs]

Larry King: I never heard this again.

Kelly Rowland: You’ve never heard that?

Larry King: Bumps on my butt?

Kelly Rowland: You’ve never heard of hemorrhoids?

Larry King: From pregnancy?

Kelly Rowland: Yes.

Larry King: Why?

Kelly Rowland: From pushing the child out. Like I can’t get into the technical reasons why, that’s why I collaborated with a doctor, and I asked her all the questions, and she was able to answer them for me, but that was rough.

Larry King: I love this, “so now we’re both wearing diapers.” You have urinary incontinence, you go a lot?

Kelly Rowland: Yes, I was just telling you, I was at lunch with friends, and this was right after I had him, maybe two weeks after I had him, and I was at lunch with friends. We laughed at a joke, and I laughed a little too much, and peed a little on myself.

Larry King: That’s kind of funny.

Kelly Rowland: [Laughs]

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