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Kelly Rowland tears up talking about her son

Larry King NowMay 05 '17

In a touching moment, Kelly Rowland tears up as she discusses her son, and the kind of man she hopes he becomes.

Larry King: How are you doing as a parent? Cause there’s a lot of books on parenting.

Kelly Rowland: Yes.

Larry King: But anyone can be a parent.

Kelly Rowland: Anyone can be a parent. But for me, it means a lot to me to raise a great man. A lot. You can hear it in my voice. But I want to raise someone who is responsible, who has integrity, and wants to change the world, wants to be a part of it, and is fearless. I know that’s what you want with your boys.

Larry King: Yeah you do. But so what? So what if he becomes a fireman?

Kelly Rowland: If he wants to become a fireman, then great.

Larry King: Let him be the best fireman.

Kelly Rowland: Let him be the best fireman in the world. Let him be the best journalist in the world. But whatever he does, I want him to know that he’s great at it. That it’s with purpose, that it’s with dignity and compassion, and passion. Because passion is not for purchase.

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