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Candis Cayne: I’m treated differently as a woman

Larry King NowJun 12 '17

Candis Cayne discusses why so many beautiful women are insecure about the way they look, and opens up about how differently she’s treated as a woman than she was as a man.

Larry King: Why do beautiful women, I’ve observed this over many years, look in the mirror and not see their beauty?

Candis Cayne: I think they have a really high bar of other people telling them this constantly, and so they start to-

Larry King: But they tell them they’re pretty.

Candis Cayne: They have to live up to that, and that’s part of the problem, with the voices in your head is that they tell you things to bring you down, and you have to learn how to fight through those little voices.

Larry King: Do you think in your own case, having been a man, that you have some more insight into this?

Candis Cayne: Of course. I mean I always felt female, but there wasn’t a word for it. But I’ve experienced the male life, and understand how people reacted to me, as someone who was male, and that’s the difference that I know, you know what I mean? Things change when you transition, just the way people talk to you, the way life happens.

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