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Miranda Cosgrove's "secret talent" freaks Larry out!

Larry King NowJun 26 '17

In laugh out loud moment from her appearance on 'Larry King Now,' 'Despicable Me 3' star Miranda Cosgrove shocks Larry with a special talent!

Larry King: Secret talent?

Miranda Cosgrove: I can shake my eyes

Larry King: You can what?

Miranda Cosgrove: I have an extra eye muscle and I can shake my eyes

Larry King: Let me see.

Miranda Cosgrove: You want to see?

Larry King: Shake your eyes?

Miranda Cosgrove: Yeah, like my actual eyeballs.

Larry King: Oh, in the eyeball? Oh!

Miranda Cosgrove: Can you see it? (laughs) I scared you.

Larry King: How did you know you could do that?

Miranda Cosgrove: I don’t know! I have no idea how I started doing that?

Larry King: You were looking in a mirror one day?

Miranda Cosgrove: I think I was concentrating really hard, and I just started doing it. And then my mom was like, “Woah! Don’t do that!” And then, she had me do it at the doctor’s office. And then, they were like, “No, it’s okay. She’s fine.”

Larry King: Do you ever do it on screen?

Miranda Cosgrove: No, I never have.

Larry King:Try it! It could be a new hit for you.

Miranda Cosgrove: Maybe I will!

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