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Amir Khan talks next opponent, fight location with Larry King

Larry King NowJun 29 '17

Former WBA champion Amir Khan updates Larry on the status of his next fight, saying it will still take place at the end of the 2017, and there's a strong possibility his opponent will be an American welterweight boxer, like Keith Thurman.

Larry King: So Pacquiao is not going to happen, are you going to fight this year?

Amir Khan: Yeah, I’m going to fight end of the year, with the the hand operation going well, uh, I’m now going to go back in the ring. Hopefully want to be back out October, November. There’s a lot of interest in a lot of locations, like there’s a lot of talk about Dubai, there’s a lot of talk about UK, there’s a lot of talk about America, going back to Vegas again…

Larry King: Who will you fight?

Amir Khan: We’re looking at a few opponents, one of them could be Manny Pacquiao, if not, then the Welterweight division in the US is amazing, I mean there’s some big names in there - you’ve got Keith Thurman, you’ve got Danny Garcia, you’ve got some big names there, so...go for one of them big names.

Larry King: Is your hand fully okay?

Amir Khan: Hand’s fully okay, yeah…

Larry King: Are you training?

Amir Khan: I am training, yeah, I’ve started. I’ve just come off the month of Ramadan, so I’m now getting back into the gym because the fast was so long, you can’t eat or drink anything, I couldn’t really train because in Ramadan you’re not allowed to eat or drink anything so...They were literally for 18 hours long in the UK, and then you have 4, 5 hours off to eat. In that 4, 5 hours you can only eat once.

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