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Alison Brie clarifies ‘Entourage’ audition story

Larry King NowJun 30 '17

After it was reported that Alison Brie was asked to take her top off in an ‘Entourage’ audition, the actress clarifies to Larry King that she was wearing a bikini under her shirt, and that she entered the audition aware she’d be asked to remove her top. Plus, Alison on sexism in Hollywood.

Larry King: Now you were recently on the news for sharing a story about being asked to wear a bikini for an ‘Entourage’ audition. What was that about?

Alison Brie: Well, I think that it was sort of an off-hand story that got wildly misconstrued because I was sort of misquoted. And the perception was that I was maybe asked to get totally topless in an audition, which is not the case. Um, the question I had been asked was about auditioning - and my character has a tough time auditioning in ‘Glow’ and is auditioning as hard. You know, how is auditioning now compared to the 1980s? And I was trying to point out that in a lot of ways, it’s not very different. When you’re an actor starting out, there are mild humiliations that you suffer all the time.

Larry King: Was there a producers couch?

Alison Brie: I mean, isn’t there always? No. I think, in terms of this show, in particular ‘Entourage’, you know, I knew I was going into an audition for bikini girl number three. I just wanted to point know, I wasn’t out on a crusade about sexual harassment against those guys, I was just pointing out.

Larry King: Is there a lot of discrimination in the Hollywood industry.

Alison Brie: I think it ebbs and flows. I think shows like ‘Glow’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’ and people like Jenji Kohan and Jen Houston, our casting director, are making great strides in not only creating very deep and interesting for a variety types of women but are also giving first time actors a change, they are looking for fresh faces, and they create a really warm and invitingatmosphere in the audition room. There are a lot of casting directors -who I know- who are warm and lovely and make it great. At the same time, I think when you’re starting out you’re going to go to s*** auditions. It’s the name of the game. You’ve gotta start somewhere.

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