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How Dave Franco proposed to Alison Brie

Larry King NowJun 30 '17

Alison Brie reveals how and where her husband Dave Franco proposed to her, confessing that she initially thought he was joking.

Larry King: Before we get into social media questions, several people tweeted marriage proposals.

Alison Brie: That’s very sweet.

Larry King: Have you had many marriage proposals in your life?

Alison Brie: No. I mean, only one real one; and I guess millions of fake ones.

Larry King: You must of had some serious relationships.

Alison Brie: Yes, definitely.

Larry King: Of course.

Alison Brie: Definitely where marriage was discussed. But I’ve never had someone get down on one knee and say no to them.

Larry King: Did Franco get down on one knee?

Alison Brie: Definitely.

Larry King: He really did?

Alison Brie: Where?

Larry King: In Big Sur, California.

Alison Brie: Nice.

Larry King: Did you answer ‘yes’ right away?

Alison Brie: Uh no, not right away.I was so shocked that I actually burst out laughing and asked him a number of times if he was being serious before saying yes.

Larry King: That’s so romantic.

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