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Watch Alison Brie put Larry King in a headlock

Larry King NowJun 30 '17

Alison Brie demonstrates the impressive skill set she picked up while shooting her new Netflix series, ‘GLOW,’ by putting Larry King in a mid-interview headlock. 

Larry King: Before we go, is there a wrestling move you want to hit me with?

Alison Brie: Oh, I’m hitting you with something.

Larry King: Come on baby. Do you want me to get up or what?

Alison Brie: You stay there. Here’s what I’m going to do.

Larry King: Do whatever you want.

Alison Brie: I’m going to put you in a simple headlock. You’re going to stay where you are.

Larry King: Okay, go ahead.

Alison Brie: You’re going to stay here. I’m just going to cradle your face right in my elbow, just like so. And basically ‘grrrrrrrrr.’ Now you make a face like you’re getting hurt.

Larry King: Oh, stop it! You’re killing me. Stop it! Keep it up! Keep it up! Stop it!

Alison Brie: He’s enjoying it too much.

Larry King: Stop it! Are you enjoying it?

Alison Brie: Oh, I am!

Larry King: Oh! Sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you.

Alison Brie: Now I’m stuck here.

Larry King: Hey, wait a minute, Alison.

Alison Brie: Here.

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