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Lauren Scruggs Kennedy gushes over Jason Kennedy

Larry King NowJun 05 '17

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy gushes over her husband Jason Kennedy, who she says loves her arm without the prosthesis and kisses her face when she removes her left eye.

Larry King: A lot of pressure on women to be beautiful. Now you’re obviously beautiful, we won’t deny that.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: Thank you.

Larry King: You didn’t have the average case. Obviously, do you have scars, did they have to-

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: I do have a scar down my face, but it’s just healed up really well, and-

Larry King: You cover it with hair?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: Not always.

Larry King: No, I don’t see anything.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: Thank you. There’s a lot of amazing doctors that have helped.

Larry King: Has the accident changed your perspective on beauty?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: 100 percent.

Larry King: Tell me how.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: I realized I put a lot of value in outer beauty, because that’s what bothered me the most after my accident, like, “Ohmygosh, I don’t look the same, I’m so ugly, I’m not going to fit in, no man is ever going to love me, because I don’t look good.” And I’ve truly realized, and I’ve heard this my whole life, that beauty is internal, and I’ve never understood that. But I think just your character and just how you react to struggle in your life and how you love other people, I feel like is so much more beautiful than outward appearance, and of course the two can go hand in hand.

Larry King: How long did it take to learn that?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: I don’t know, I feel like-

Larry King: You never went through a period of feeling sorry?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: Not really.

Larry King: Looking in the mirror and saying, “This is terrible.” You didn’t?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: I definitely thought, “This is terrible, I can’t believe this is happening,” but I never thought, “Why me?” and feeling sorry for myself. I think I was the opposite of victimizing myself, and kind of rebelled against that mentality.

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