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Lauren Scruggs Kennedy removes prosthesis for first time

Larry King NowJun 05 '17

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy – who lost her left hand and eye when she walked into a plane’s propeller in 2011 – removes her prosthetic arm for the first time on television, with Larry King.

Larry King: How’d you meet your husband?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: His co-host reached out to me about a month after my accident.

Larry King: Co-host where, what from?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: Giuliana Rancic from E! News.

Larry King: So how did you meet him? You guested on his show?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: So she interviewed me about a year after we connected, and she introduced the two of us.

Larry King: And this was after your surgery and everything?
Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: Yeah, it was a year after my accident.

Larry King: How did he deal with it?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: So when I first moved here, when we first got married, I feel like I had to explain a lot to him, because he didn’t go through all of it with me. So I had to explain fatigue and just a lot of things. And he has become one of my biggest supporters in even just being comfortable and feeling safe with who I am and knowing I’m beautiful how I am, and just encouraging me daily in that.

Larry King: When you go to sleep at night, you take your eye out.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: I do.

Larry King: He sees you without your eye?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: All the time.

Larry King: And without your prosthetic?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: Yep.

Larry King: Doesn’t bother him?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy: Not at all. He loves my little arm, and he’ll just like kiss this side of my face, and say, “This is like my favorite side of your face, and it’s so beautiful.”

Larry King: Quite a guy.

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