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The role Taryn Manning lost to Shiri Appleby

Larry King NowJun 07 '17

Taryn Manning – who plays Pennsatucky on Netflix dramedy ‘Orange is the New Black’ – reveals the early role she landed and then lost to Shiri Appleby.

Taryn Manning: That was my main focus, like when I moved to Hollywood to dance. But all the while I was taking acting courses and everything, and basically what happened was I got a role to play a dancer, and I was hired and rehearsing, and then they fired me.

Larry King: Why?

Taryn Manning: Cause they got more money in the budget, and they wanted a bigger star. And at that time I was like 19, and I was devastated. You would have thought—there was like flowers all over my house, there was no reason for it, there wasn’t anything I did wrong, they just wanted someone bigger. That’s when I learned about the politics, sort of about crunching numbers if you will, and that’s when I was like, “Oh yeah? Well, I can play guitar. And I can write.” So that really boosted the singing stuff.

Larry King: Stopped dancing?

Taryn Manning: I can still dance, but yeah, not like I could.

Larry King: Who got the part?

Taryn Manning: Really, you want to go there?

Larry King: Yeah.

Taryn Manning: It’s not because—it’s not personal though, okay?

Larry King: I understand.

Taryn Manning: At the time there was a show called ‘Roswell’ that was a big show. And I was replaced by Shiri Applebee, who’s a lovely person. And we’ve spoke many times. First I’d throw her a side-eye, but then I realized it wasn’t her.

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