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Jeff Dunham talks new "baby'" character, Netflix special

Larry King NowJun 09 '17

While discussing what to expect from his upcoming Netflix special, comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham opens up about his newest character, which was inspired by his 20-month-old twin sons — and some "boozy" fans!

Larry King: How do you come up with a new character?

Jeff Dunham: The new characters, again, like Achmed the Dead Terrorist for example-

Larry King: How many do you have? How many different?

Jeff Dunham: I have four in the regular act.

Larry King: So to get a new one, you have to really test it, right?

Jeff Dunham: Sure, and we did my Netflix special in Ireland last week, five days ago we were shooting it, and I thought, “Okay, I’m going to go to Ireland. So I’m going to do something just for the Irish people, but it’ll still be funny to everybody.” I have 20-month-old twin boys, I’m constantly dealing with the baby stuff, and so I created a baby character puppet. We’re going to Ireland, well the baby needs to have a drinking problem. [Laughs] So here’s this little infant with a drinking problem, it’s this giant-headed baby and he has an Irish accent, and you know, in Ireland they love the fact that they have drinking problems-

Larry King: I know.

Jeff Dunham: They’re proud of that. And so we made drinking jokes, and I did baby jokes, and it all worked together. So I respond to circumstance.

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