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Russell Brand on what Trump & Bernie Sanders have in common

Larry King NowJul 24 '17

Though not a fan of President Trump, Russell Brand concedes that his popularity is due in part to something many other politicians lack: authenticity. 

Larry King: What do you think of our President back across the pond?

Russell Brand: I met him, I’m sure you’ve met him a number of times have you?

Larry King: Many times.

Russell Brand: Do you know what I think -what is determining the numerous global political changes of our time - is people have begun to despair of a lack of authenticity. People are sensing that the political figures are not real. A lack of integrity, what Orwell would call, you know, doublespeak: language that is superficial. And Donald Trump may be many things, and he almost certainly is, but what is he also is, is authentic. I think he really is that.

Larry King: But he’s authentic, non authentic. Because, does he have a philosophy?

Russell Brand: That, I don’t think philosophy and authenticity necessarily correlate, Larry. I think that when Donald Trump is glib about race, or glib about gender, even if you think my god I don't agree with what he’s saying or agree with what he’s doing, compared to other figures that occupy the political landscape, he has a kind of voracity. The only other figures that have it are, I think, Jeremy Corbin, in this country. He’s an authentic man, but I would agree that he’s a principled and beautiful human being, Bernie Sanders in your country, seemed like he had a kind of integrity but was stifled and contained and marginalized by this sort of political process. And I think that that -- I think that that authenticity, to use a ludicrous pun, trumped the political alternative that seemed more appealing to liberal sensibility.

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