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Andrea Savage didn’t know she was auditioning for ‘Veep’

Larry King NowAug 23 '17

Andrea Savage – who plays President Montez on ‘Veep’ – says she didn’t know what the project was when she auditioned for the hit comedy, and explains what makes Julia Louis-Dreyfus such a rare talent.

Larry King: How did you get to be President on ‘Veep’?

Andrea Savage: I auditioned. I went in, and I met Julia and improvised with her, and they didn’t tell me what it was for. It was all fake sides, fake audition material, fake script...and I saw that she was supposed to be potentially Hispanic and I was like “I’m not Hispanic?” so I sort of improvised that I had married a Hispanic person and was sort of using it as a thing, and she and I read the scenes, and then we improvised and then they had me do a cold-reading of a speech, like kind of a big speech, and I was like this is weird? You know, I don’t know, for this Senator...and then I got the role and then they told me what it was for.

Larry King: What’s it like working with her?

Andrea Savage: Amazing. She is...She’s somebody, again, I would say Larry David and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are two people that I’ve tried to think about when I’m doing my own show. She’s not only just as everyone knows, so talented and knows her craft so well, she’ll just be like “I want to try one little thing,” and then she’ll try this small thing and it tweaks it, and all of a sudden it just sings. But, as a producer, she’s so smart, she’s so involved, she sets a good tone on the set. She just is everything you’d want her to be and more. I am such a big fan.

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