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Andrea Savage explains “ass cubes” to Larry King

Larry King NowAug 23 '17

Filed under ‘things you don’t expect to happen with Larry King,’ ‘I’m Sorry’ creator and star Andrea Savage explains the concept of “ass cubes” to the legendary broadcaster.

Andrea Savage: Ass cubes, Larry, as I’m sure you’re wondering what ass cubes are…

Larry King: What is that?

Andrea Savage: So there’s an episode of my show, where in real life, a friend of mine, they set up our mutual friend with their pre-school teacher of their child, and they went out...and then we found out from our friend that had gone out with her, that she liked him putting ice up her butt and licking it out. And so, this was a thing that we all now knew about this pre-school teacher, and they had to keep dropping off their child everyday with this woman...and then I sort of --

Larry King: Ass cubes.

Andrea Savage: I sort of nicknamed it ass cubes from ice cubes.

Larry King: You’re a weird girl.

Andrea Savage: Oh, I look normal -- But I’m weird!

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