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Andrea Savage shares ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ details

Larry King NowAug 23 '17

‘I’m Sorry’ creator and star Andrea Savage gushes over guest-starring on the upcoming season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ revealing that she plays Richard Lewis’s girlfriend.

Larry King: You’re on ‘Curb?’

Andrea Savage: I am going to be on ‘Curb’ this season!

Larry King: Who do you play?

Andrea Savage: I... I don’t know how much I can say! I play Richard Lewis’ girlfriend.

Larry King: (laughs)

Andrea Savage: And...It honestly, that was a day where I remember driving to the set the first day of shooting, where I literally was just in my car going “Is this my life? This is so exciting!” I mean he is…

Larry King: They just give you the outline, right?

Andrea Savage: They give you the outline, you know, don’t really know what’s going to happen. Improv is my background so it’s my dream show….It’s what I’ve sort of modeled my shows on, and it was just amazing. It was great.

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