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Julia Louis-Dreyfus discusses her most embarrassing moment

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Jay Ellis & Andrea Savage on success and failure

Larry King NowAug 23 '17

‘Insecure’ star Jay Ellis opens up about his path to success, Issa Rae’s leadership, & why he’s thrown his weight behind HIV advocacy. Later, Andrea Savage joins to discuss her new series, ‘I’m Sorry,’ & working with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Larry King sits down with Actor/Producer Jay Ellis, popularly known for portraying Lawrence of Issa Rae’s ‘Insecure’. They discuss the surprise success of the series, and the evolution of his character as the underdog. Larry asks how Jay deals with his overnight celebrity after years of struggling in LA as an actor. after leaving basketball to pursue acting. Jay also reveals what it was like growing up as a military brat. Jay also recalls his rough path to his success on ‘Insecure’, his initial embarrassing auditions, and being dropped by his first agent while breaking into the industry. After getting let go from his day job, Jay discusses his plan to begin acting full time while lying to his parents for 2 years straight. Jay, who has had family members affected by HIV/AIDS, delves into his passion and duty to broaden HIV advocacy, and on his work with the Obama administration to close the opportunity gap for men of color. Jay also discusses his venture as an Executive Producer with the digital show ‘Hard Medicine’.

Actor/Comedienne/Writer Andrea Savage talks her new show ‘I’m Sorry’ with Larry King. They discuss the meaning of the show’s title, her character, and her inspiration, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. Andrea reveals real stories from her life that have made it into the show, and women’s progress in Hollywood. Andrea reveals that in the same way she’s had a lot of success, she’s has just as much heartbreak and disappointment. She also briefly discusses her new role on the show that inspired her own, ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’. Andrea talks her comedic growth, going from The Groundlings, to performing stand up, leading all the way up to her audition for ‘Veep’ with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, whom she looks up to as a producer and actress. Andrea, passionate about her success and her failures, presses the importance of embracing failure. Jay and Andrea end their interviews answering fan questions from twitter, and playing a game of ‘If You Only Knew’ with Larry.