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Tabatha Coffey is redefining the word ‘bitch’

Larry King NowFeb 21 '18

Sick of being called “the b-word,” Tabatha Coffey decided to redefine the normally pejorative term, rebranding it as a clever acronym.

Larry King: Your style has been called no nonsense, blunt, brutally honest, unapologetic. You agree with all those things?

Tabatha Coffey: Yes.
Larry King: Those are words usually applied to men.
Tabatha Coffey: Yes.
Larry King: Does that annoy you?
Tabatha Coffey: It doesn't annoy me. I find it peculiar that a woman cannot have those traits and they're thought of as male traits. I also find it interesting that as a woman, the biggest word that comes to mind is the B word. And I'm called that a lot.
Larry King: I understand you have a caveat for it.
Tabatha Coffey: I do. I found it very off putting. I used to walk through the mall.
Larry King: So when people call you a bitch, what do you say?
Tabatha Coffey: I say yes, I am. Thank you very much. I'm brave, intelligent, tenacious, creative, and honest. And we all should be that way.
Larry King: You always that way?
Tabatha Coffey: Yes, I was.
Larry King: Why do people have trouble doing that? Trouble being honest. Well, they don't want to offend.
Tabatha Coffey: Well, I think people don't want to offend but I think sometimes we become scared. We're scared of what we want to do. We don't want to offend anyone else. And for women, I think one of the biggest fears is we don't want to be portrayed in an unfeminine way, or an aggressive way, or be called the B word. And that's the problem, that holds us back. And that shouldn't be the case.