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Why Tabatha Coffey took a break from television

Larry King NowFeb 21 '18

Tabatha Coffey, who recently returned to television on Bravo’s ‘Relative Success with Tabatha,’ explains why she took a hiatus from show business.

Larry King: Now, Tabatha Takes Over ended in 2013. What have you been doing since til this show?

Tabatha Coffey: A little reflective. A little, it was time to take some time. Actually, my mother passed away and I went straight back to work. And that was, it was a lot.
Larry King: So you didn't work? You just took it easy?
Tabatha Coffey: I worked. I'm a hairdresser and I will never give that up.
Larry King: You still did that?
Tabatha Coffey: You know, I do a lot of speaking events, which is great. I took a little bit of time to reevaluate what I really wanted to do. And if I wanted to pursue the TV thing as well. That needed a minute.
Larry King: Welcome back.
Tabatha Coffey: Thank you.