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Angela Kinsey on her new film 'Half Magic'

Larry King NowFeb 26 '18

Angela Kinsey discusses her role in the new film 'Half Magic,' which she stars in alongside Heather Graham and Stephanie Beatriz.

Larry King: Tell me about Half Magic. 

Angela Kinsey: Half Magic was a lot of fun. It's pretty inspiring because Heather Graham wrote it, directed it, stars in it, and it's so hard to get a movie made. And I was just very inspired by her. That she started this project and saw it all the way through. And it's about three women who support each other and sorta rebuild their lives. And they're all in kind of crappy relationships. My character's married to Thomas Patrick Lennon, who I love and adore and have supported him financially, and he leaves me for a much younger woman. And I fall apart. And that was so deliciously fun to play. It's like a woman who just loses it. 

Larry King: Fun to play? 

Angela Kinsey: So fun to play.