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Angela Kinsey on the hardest scene to film on 'The Office'

Larry King NowFeb 26 '18

Angela Kinsey answers a fan question regarding the hardest scene to film on'The Office'.

Larry King: What was the hardest scene comically you had to film during The Office? 

Angela Kinsey: Oh my gosh. Oh, probably when I threw the cat into the ceiling. I mean, absolute mayhem was happening around me. We did that all in one big fluid shot like a dance and so I go to my drawer and there's a humongous cat. I guess my character's been keeping a cat in the drawer for awhile. And I want Oscar to save Bandit, and I have to throw the cat up there. But it's this huge cat and while I'm doing it, it's freaking out. And Kevin is trying to throw a copier out the window. And people are going crazy. 

Larry King: Did you throw the cat? 

Angela Kinsey: Well, no they, as this is happening I grab the cat and I have to swing back with it and swing up. Which was already Then a stunt lady pops in with a wig and she tosses it up. And then there's a guy that's suppose to catch it and then there' a guy up there that's suppose to then throw down a fake cat. But on the day that was such mayhem they throw the cat up and both cats came down, the fake one and the real one.