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Laila Ali on what it feels like to get punched in the face

Larry King NowFeb 07 '18

In a hilarious moment from her ‘Larry King Now’ appearance, boxing champ Laila Ali details what it feels like to take a punch in the face during a boxing bout!

Larry King: What does it feel like to get punched in the face?

Laila Ali: People ask that question. It's hard to explain. First of all, your adrenaline is going. So, I think that most people think that every time we get hit, you feel it and you really don't. It's almost like someone's just, like if it was the average person, someone's just tapping you on your shoulder and every once in a while it's like, ow, that one hurt, you know, you felt that. Like, I don't want that to happen again. And then, of course, if you get knocked out, a lot of times you don't even feel it. You just end up on the floor, right? It's never happened to me, but, I think that, like I said it's hard to explain.

Larry King: Alright. What's it like, same question, to punch someone else in the face?

Laila Ali: It's just something you get used to. It's almost like writing. You know? It's just what you do with your hand and you...

Larry King: You don't hate your opponent, do you?Laila Ali: No, definitely not. I can dislike someone, and for me, I would a lot of times find a reason to dislike someone. And that was just something I needed to do. But, if I did dislike you, then it would be worse. Like I actually had bad intentions on my punches.

Larry King: Did you ever fight a friend?

Laila Ali: In the ring? No.