Rob Zombie Is The Perfect Halloween Guest

Rob Zombie joins "Larry King Now" on a special Halloween episode.

On this Halloween, who better to invite into the "Larry King Now" studios than cult horror icon Rob Zombie?

Zombie is the second special guest in a string of 'masters of horror' "Larry King Now" episodes as we at Ora TV celebrate Halloween.

But how did Rob become the legend he is today? Even he sometimes has trouble explaining how a someone involved in the production of "Pee-wee's Playhouse" became one of the slasher genre's most recognizable film producers.

"I feel like I am the most successful cult person ever," Zombie tells Larry today. "I feel like everything I do is sort of in an underground cult way but has had mainstream success. I mean I’m actually, pretty surprised sometimes."

Join Rob Zombie and Larry King on "Larry King Now" on Ora TV & Hulu at 5 pm ET, but catch some spooky highlights now whenever you want!

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