'Boardwalk Empire' Stars Michael Shannon & Michael K. Williams Join Larry King in NYC

Michael K. Williams and Michael Shannon are on "Larry King Now" today chatting about their hit HBO show, "Boardwalk Empire," and their various other roles.

The complex narrative of HBO's hit "Boardwalk Empire" is the subject of today's all-new "Larry King Now," as stars Michael K. Williams and Michael Shannon join Larry in New York to chat about the show.

Plus, the two Michaels, with such varying and successful careers, talked with Larry about their careers outside the show, including Shannon's turn in this summer's "Man of Steel."

“I like playing characters who are complicated," said Shannon.
As for Williams, he has a turn in the upcoming and much buzzed-about "12 Years A Slave," and was one of the many stars behind the success of "The Wire."
“It paralleled my real life,” Williams said of his role as Omar White on the other HBO hit.

Catch this all-new episode of "Larry King Now" today at 5 pm ET on Ora TV & Hulu, but first check out some episode highlights right now on Ora TV:

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