Kendra Wilkinson Is Taking Control

Kendra Wilkinson joins "Larry King Now" to describe how her life has changed since her time at the Playboy Mansion.

A girl-next-door no more, Kendra WIlkinson joins "Larry King Now" today to talk what's next for her as a reality star, a mother and an icon.

Sure, Kendra got her start in the Playboy Mansion alongside Hugh Hefner in "The Girls Next Door," but since Kendra has become a visible figure of her own, starring in hit show after hit show. Next for Kendra is the upcoming season 2 finale of "Kendra On Top," her latest success.

She still does look back fondly on her days at the Mansion.

"Hef is still one of my best friends today," said Wilkinson. "It's not like we were the Spice GirlsHef is the most amazing person to walk into my life."

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