Gayle King is Headlining the News

Gayle King invites Larry King into the "CBS This Morning" studio for a new episode of "Larry King Now."

A self-described "news junkie" and co-anchor of "CBS This Morning,"Gayle King is today's guest on "Larry King Now," as she invited Larry into the CBS studio for a fascinating heart-to-heart chat.

Co-anchor of the CBS morning news program for nearly two years, King has helped "This Morning" make leaps into contention with "Today" and "Good Morning America." King's show has gained a reputation for delivering a more serious program for morning viewers, which she addressed head-on during the interview.

"The news is back in the morning," said King. "Don’t try to be like the other guys, do something different."

Make sure to tune in for this all-new "Larry King Now" today at 5 pm ET on Ora TV & Hulu, but to keep you entertained, we've put together some episode highlights you can watch right now:

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