IF YOU ONLY KNEW: The "Larry King Now" Editor, Trevor!

Meet Trevor!


1) What is your position at Larry King Now?

Editor of PoliticKing and Larry King Now, and creator of random, last minute, hastily put together graphics.

2) What do you do on a daily basis?

I edit together all the different camera angles and shots into one, fluid episode.

3) Where did you go to school and what did you major in?

University of Southern California (Fight On!) and Cinema

Read on! Trevor plays Larry's favorite game of "If You Only Knew" on the next page!

SOMETHING NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT YOU...When I was a young kid, I was in a start up boy band for a year

WHAT KEEPS YOU UP AT NIGHT...Caffeine, i might have an addiction…

FAVORITE MOMENT WITH LARRY...Any story that Larry tells before, after, and in between shooting is awesome.

FAVORITE MOMENT WORKING AT LKN...The baseball memorabilia collection in Downtown Los Angeles

FAVORITE MOVIE... Requiem for a Dream

WHAT YOU'RE JAMMING TO ON YOUR IPOD RIGHT NOW... Astronautilius, Mayer Hawthorne, and a little 4onthefloor for good measure

FIRST JOB... I cut music for a local dance studio in my neighborhood.

DREAM JOB... Director

IF NOT INTERNET TV...THEN WHAT...Probably open up a restaurant/bar, or chase that dream job

FAVORITE HOBBY... Cooking or anything outdoors

FAVORITE CITY... It really is a toss up between Minneapolis (hometown pride) or New Orleans

FAVORITE FOOD... Good ol' southern BBQ

Tune in next week to learn more about another wonderful LKN employee!

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