Chris Jericho Rounds Out The Week on 'Larry King Now'

Chris Jericho tells all on today's all new "Larry King Now" episode with the WWE legend.

As one of WWE's most recognizable stars during his heyday, Chris Jericho quickly became a crossover star beyond the wrestling world.

Having returned to the ring a few times since stepping away, Chris also has turned his attention to a bevy of other pursuits, from movies to TV to "Dancing With The Stars" to his latest web comedy series "But I'm Chris Jericho."

Chris tackled all the topics on today's "Larry King Now" and much more, but told Larry all about what it takes to be a star on the wrestling stage and in the ring.

"The best characters are your personality turned up to '12,'" Chris told Larry.

Chris's full "Larry King Now" episode will post today at 5 pm ET on Ora TV & Hulu, but if you just can't wait, catch some episode highlights on-demand any time!

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