Terrence Howard - Uncensored & Candid

Terrence Howard, star of the new "The Best Man Holiday," is today's special guest on "Larry King Now."

Oscar nominee Terrence Howard, star of this weekend's box office hit "The Best Man Holiday," simply has cool to spare.

From his nominated performance in "Hustle & Flow" to his countless roles in dozens of movies, Howard has become one of Hollywood's most recognizable names. On today's all-new "Larry King Now," he talks about how his fame has forced him to become a "bit of a diva" and what his Oscar nomination meant for how he had to handle himself in public.

"I thought it meant that I did a great job and everybody would love me from that point forward," Terrence tells Larry on today's episode. " no, because from that moment onward anything I did was front page news."
Terrence Howard on Larry King Now

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