IF YOU ONLY KNEW: The "Larry King Now" Talent Producer, Lisa!

Hey you guys! Meet...Lisa!


1) What is your job at "Larry King Now"?

Talent Producer

2) What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

I book the talent you see on Larry King Now as well as produce some of the shows (mainly the sports themed shows)

3) Where did you go to school and what was your major?

Syracuse University alum (Go Orange!) Major - Television/Radio/Film

Read on to see Lisa play "If You Only Knew"

FIRST KISS...A kid named Josh from nursery school (Shout out to ABC Nursery).  We were playing house and he planted a big wet kiss on me

PROUDEST MOMENT...Going to South Africa by myself to volunteer at an orphanage

BIGGEST REGRET.... Quitting softball my freshman year of college

HIDDEN TALENT...I'm pretty killer at Saved by the Bell trivia

FAVORITE MOMENT WITH LARRY...When he told me I should've been a boy because of my extensive sports knowledge

FAVORITE MOMENT WORKING AT LKN...My 1st big project at LKN was working on a live appearance for Larry on WWE Raw and then taping a show with WWE Superstars behind the scenes.  Had an absolute blast and everything turned out a big success.


FAVORITE MOVIE...St. Elmo's Fire - Rob Lowe's character Billy Hixx is my biggest movie crush of all time

WHAT YOU'RE JAMMING TO ON YOUR I POD RIGHT NOW...Country music - I've become obsessed

FIRST JOB...Besides babysitting I ran the front desk at a Dentist's office when I was 16

DREAM JOB...Community Relations/Athlete Relations for a sports firm or for an NFL team

IF NOT INTERNET TV...THEN WHAT...Sports, Sports, Sports

FAVORITE HOBBY...In LA - playing dodgeball.  In NY - going to Broadway shows


FAVORITE FOOD...Chicken parm

FAVORITE ITEM YOU OWN...A necklace of my grandfather's tie tack (from the 20's) my grandma gave to me after he passed.....I never take it off.

Happy Friday! Look out next Friday for a new member of the "Larry King Now" staff.

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