Rich Eisen, The Face of NFL Network, Visits 'Larry King Now'

Rich Eisen talks everything football on today's "Larry King Now."

He's the face of the NFL Network and the host of the wildly successful "Rich Eisen Podcast," but what does Rich Eisen do when he's not talking football?

The former SportsCenter anchor and 40-yard dash specialist joins "Larry King Now" today to talk his many years at the forefront of the NFL Network and his new app "Free Agent" with Larry King. And with sports super fan Larry King sitting across from him, Rich weighed in on it all — who is this year's NFL MVP? Which teams are favored to make the Super Bowl? And what is the NFL's next move changing the way people watch and enjoy the sport?

"Everybody in network television is looking for something that's DVR-proof, and that's the NFL," Rich told Larry.


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