Exclusive Clip: The Secret of My Success

One of the perks of being a producer on this show is meeting some of your favorite artists. Ever since Rushmore, Jason Schwartzman is an actor that I’ve always admired. He was recently in our studio to promote the Oscar contender Saving Mr. Banks.  It’s refreshing to meet someone who -- despite the level of success he’s achieved -- remains open, friendly and approachable.  He shook hands and introduced himself to every member of our crew. Needless to say, he charmed the entire staff as well as Larry.

As a preview to Thursday’s "Larry King Now" interview with Mr. Schwartzman, we’re posting this exclusive excerpt. In this clip, Larry and Jason confab on their love for interviews. Jason turns the tables on our host and asks him if he’s ever been nervous going into an interview. Hope you enjoy it.


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