Meghan McCain Weighs In On 'Larry King Now'

Tune in today for Meghan McCain on "Larry King Now," talking about what she and her famous father really fight over and today's most pressing issues.

Being the child of a public figure can be difficult for many. But for Meghan McCain, it's a role she's come to embrace, and used to carve out her own identity as an outspoken and opinionated member of the Republican party fighting for change.

McCain is on today's all-new "Larry King Now" talking about the important issues that are impacting society, Syria, the 2016 presidential election and more.

Is she supportive of Assad's proposal to hand over the chemical weapons to avoid conflict? What does she think the Republican party can do to meet the next generation's needs? And what does she think of her dad playing poker on his phone in the middle of a hearing?


Catch this new "Larry King Now" episode tonight at 5 pm ET on Ora TV & Hulu, but make sure to check out some highlights from the episode right now:

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