Alyssa Milano Kicks Off The Week on 'Larry King Now'

Alyssa Milano joins today's "Larry King Now" to talk her busy life as a designer, actress, author, mother and social activist.

Actress, author, designer and more, Alyssa Milano has always been busy. But with a successful summer series, "Mistresses" just wrapped, and a graphic novel on the way, Milano has never been busier.

She stopped by today's all-new "Larry King Now" to chat why she got involved with the two projects and talked about the Funny or Die "sex tape" that helped educated millions of viewers about the crisis in Syria.

"It’s not a political statement, it’s a social statement," Milano told Larry King on today's episode. "People are more likely to click on a link that says ‘sex tape’ than serious news issues."
The former "Charmed" and "Who's the Boss" star also talked about the possibility of a reunion for one of those fan-favorite shows and much more. You will not want to miss this interview!


Catch this all-new "Larry King Now" at 5 pm ET today on Ora TV & Hulu, but first you can catch some highlights right now from Alyssa Milano's interview:

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