George Takei & Larry King Chat At Social Media Week LA

George Takei and Larry King chat from Social Media Week Los Angeles on "Larry King Now."

From the small screen to the big screen in "Star Trek" to the even smaller screen as a social media icon, George Takei has been everywhere, and even to the furthest reaches of space.

For a special episode of "Larry King Now," however, George only had to venture to Social Media Week Los Angeles, where he and Larry King chatted about it all, his iconic role as Sulu, his early childhood and what's next.

"It won't be very long before I'll be known as the old guy who played John Cho's part," said Takei of the role now inhabited by John Cho, a previous "Larry King Now" guest himself!
George also helped Larry understand the "Oh My!" phenomenon he's started, and when the best time to use the catch phrase really is. All this and more on "Larry King Now!"


Catch this episode from Social Media Week Los Angeles on "Larry King Now" on Ora TV & Hulu today at 5 pm ET, but first you can watch a few episode highlights right now:

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