T-Pain Goes Acoustic

R&B singer, rapper and record producer T-Pain is more than an auto-tune sensation. Check out his acoustic performance of "I'm Sprung" in the greenroom at Larry King Now below.

by Scott Stenholm

Back in October, R&B singer, rapper and record producer T-Pain showed the world that he was more than a pioneer in the world of auto-tune when he performed "Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')", "Up Down (Do This All Day)" and "Drankin' Patna" without the aid of synthesized distortion during an NPR 'Tiny Desk Concert'.This performance went viral.

Not long after his show at NPR, T-Pain joined us for an honest and revealing interview at Larry King Now that delved into the inspiration behind his emotional new music video "Intro Stoicville", his history with depression and alcohol abuse, the troubles that have plagued his friend Chris Brown, and his confusion over the rise of electronic dance music (EDM) DJs.

After the taping, the singer indulged the Larry King Now staff by singing an a cappella version of his hit "I'm Sprung," from his 2005 debut album, Rappa Ternt Sanga. Billboard.com recently featured the moment and now we are thrilled to share it with you as well.

Watch Larry King's full interview with T-Pain below.

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