Black Eyed Peas' Says He's 'Disappointed' in Obama

by Scott Stenholm 

Black Eyed Peas singer was one of then-senator Barack Obama's biggest advocates during his run for the White House in 2008.

Seven years later - in an interview with Larry King Now - the singer has revealed that he is "disappointed" in some of the President's policies.

In an a clip from the interview, Larry King asks to assess Obama's presidency; the singer pauses several seconds before saying, "It would have been hard for anyone."

'Yes We Can,' which garnered an Emmy award and has hit over 25 million views since it was originally posted on YouTube, featured Obama's speech following the New Hampshire primary in 2008 told through the voices of a number of celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, John Legend, and Nick Cannon.

In the rest of the interview with LKN, discusses his thoughts on the media's portrayal of his friend Justin Bieber, the situation in Ferguson, Mo. and the state of the music industry -- which he says is not in a good place.

You can see the full episode on December 11th at 5pm ET on Ora.TV and Hulu.

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