It's World UFO Day - Are you a Believer?

In honor of 'World UFO Day' we've collected some of our favorite 'Larry King Now' clips & episodes about UFOs & alien abductions - debate, discuss & enjoy!

UFO experts James Fox, Tom DeLonge, & Michael Shermer tell Larry King about curiosity, evidence, & extraterrestrials. 

Ufologist James Fox, Blink 182-frontman Tom DeLonge and publisher of Skeptic magazine Michael Shermer join Larry for a colorful discussion about UFOs, alien abductions, and whether the government is withholding information. Plus, new details on Roswell.

Does William Shatner Believe in UFOs?

I've Seen Four UFOs - Dan Aykroyd Answers Social Media Questions on 'Larry King Now'

Tom DeLonge (Blink 182) On Why He Believes in UFOs

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