Happy 80th Birthday From One "King" To Another

Elvis Presley would have turned the big 8-0 today. Although no longer with us, the "King of Rock and Roll" left a mark of greatness on this world and his music & legacy will live on indefinitely.

From The Desk of Larry King: 

One of my favorite memories is visiting Elvis' Graceland with Priscilla, what an extraordinary place. I have heard time and time again from many people that Elvis' presence can be felt there. 

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I recently spoke with Priscilla Presley about everything Elvis, including what it was like kissing the legendary musician. I also got a chance to ask Priscilla some social media questions from fans. She gave insight on what made Elvis happiest and reminisced on whether or not she would have stayed married to the King, if she could go back in time..

Priscilla also shared some of the quirky ways Elvis would protect himself... 

Happy Birthday to the King, may he rest.

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