HBD Snoop D.O. Double G!

One, two, three and to the fo' Snoop Doggy Dogg is turnin' forty fo'!

By Hannah Kavy

Not only is it #LarryKingDay aka #NationalSuspendersDay, but it's also Snoop Dogg's birthday, aka one of the greatest days in history. Shoutout to the LBC & Snoop's mother for gifting us with this gem of a human. If there's one thing that fascinates me to the point of obsession... it's Larry King & Snoop Dogg's friendship.

In honor of Snoop's bday (which by the way should have forsure been on April 20th... a little upset with his parents on that one) I put together some clips from Snoop & Larry's most recent interview. Please enjoy below, promise it won't disappoint, does Snoop ever? No.

Snoop sounds off on gay rappers, same sex marriage, & homosexuality in hip hop culture...

Just how much ganja does Snoop puff each day? Hit it...

Top 5 places to smoke pot (One is "in front of the police") #yolo....

Gettin' serious for a hot minute, Larry gets Snoop's thoughts on gun control, politics, President Barack Obama, & George W. Bush's "eight years of madness"

Is Snoop Bob Marley reincarnated? PROBS...

"I had got tired of being done doggy-style, so I dropped off the doggy..."

Now we doin' math, Kids + drugs = ?

Now that you've watched the clips, I will leave you with this photo...

You are so welcome. 


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