Amber Rose Rallies Against Sexual Violence

A walk through the day at Amber Rose's Slut Walk

By Brandi Magee

On Saturday October 3, Amber Rose and several hundred other people took to the streets of downtown LA to participate in her first ever Amber Rose Slutwalk. Activists rallied together for the original Slutwalk in Toronto, Ontario in 2011 after a police officer stated that "women should avoid dressing like sluts” in order to prevent sexual assault.  Amber Rose, like the original protesters organized the event to protest the notion that a woman’s clothing should make her the target for sexual violence, victim blaming, slut-shaming and other derogatory labeling.  And although these rallies have been organized in various cities around the globe since 2011, Amber Rose’s celebrity status may have brought the controversial movement into a broader public arena.

Earlier this year, Amber Rose sat down with Larry King to explain the movement to him.

Coming soon, Amber Rose will be guest hosting a panel on slut-shaming and sexual assault, so we headed down to the event to get a peek at what it looks like to be a part of the slutwalk.

The day started off on a blocked off street downtown Los Angeles. After gathering with participants to make signs, Amber Rose addressed the crowd before she kicked off the walk.

Protesters in various stages of dress displayed signs and marched up to Pershing Square where the bulk of the day’s activities would take place.

Amber Rose takes the stage to welcome ralliers to the event.

Crowds gathered at the front of the stage to get a glimpse of Amber Rose and to get a good view of the fashion shows, performances and panel discussions that took place on the main stage.

Behind the stage, the VIP area was decked out in all pink and white, where celebrity guests, friends and the media gathered for the day. Actor Matt McGorry, a self proclaimed feminist and panelist, spoke to various media outlets.

Amber Rose looks out on the crowd before taking the stage again to give a heartfelt speech about how her own experience with slut-shaming has personally affected her.

In addition to fashion shows, live performances, and panel discussions on the main stage, the square was flanked with booths from various organizations that support the stand against sexual violence, and the "Wall of No Shame," of course.

Program note:  Amber will be guest hosting an episode of Larry King Now to discuss the issues addressed at her event with panelists Matt McGorry, Frenchie Davis, Dr. Jennifer Berman and Prof. Juliet Williams.  Episode premieres on Monday October 12 at 2pm ET on and hulu.

(All Photos: Brandi Magee, 2015)

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